Not every purchase in business is exact. Oftentimes, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. That holds true for most assets, including printer supplies. However, just because you bought too much of something, doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with it when it’s unnecessary. For example, if you find yourself with quite a bit of extra toner, you don’t want to throw it away, but you also can’t necessarily keep and store it.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution:
At We Buy Supplies, we are willing to buy your genuine, unused, and unexpired toner back off of you. Whether it’s because you’re going out of business or you just bought new equipment and the old toner won’t work, we can find a reasonable price and help you recoup some of the money you spent on the otherwise useless cartridges.Our system is also incredibly simple. Start by heading to our website and signing up for an account. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after (check your Spam folder if you don’t see it). We will activate the account upon approval, and then you can get started.When you log in, you’ll see a page that will allow you to create a new offer. Name that offer anything you want and click to create it. Once created, though, you’ll notice that it’s blank, so you need to start filling it in. Simply click “Browse Inventory” link and choose the brand of the items you want to sell. If you don’t see it there, the drop down menu gives you the option to choose other brands and just enter the part number, click the button to add the items to your offer.

If you see the brand of your item on our list, just click on it. The easiest way to find the exact item you’re trying to sell is to use the “Search Text Box” feature in your browser and search for the part number. Then you can just click the checkbox next to the item and add it to your offer. You can keep doing this for every item and every brand.

After you’ve added all of your items, select the condition that they are in. If multiple items are of the same condition, you just need to change the quantity. Otherwise, you can add a different box-condition or style by adding it again. You can save your offer at any time and we won’t see it until you submit it to us.

Once you’ve submitted your offer, we will look it over and either accept, or send back a counter offer. You can continue to counter offer us as well, and eventually we will find an equitable price, something that will make us all happy.

Our system is smart, simple, and a great way for people to be able to recoup their losses due to any number of circumstances. We think that if you keep the system easy to use, then people will be able to get more value out of it. Complex systems waste time and money, and you can never be sure that you’re actually getting a good deal. With us, you have total control of what you have to sell.

If you’re looking for the place to sell your surplus toner, you’ve found it. We will give you a fair price and let you stay in charge of your product the entire time.


1)      Liquidate small assets.  Every dollar matters in this economy, to both businesses and homeowners.  Selling ink cartridges and toner that you no longer have a need for is a wonderful way to add unforeseen money to your checking account or bottom line.

2)      Create more space.  Another thing that all businesses and homeowners are constantly looking for is more space.  Perhaps you have a box, or a spot in a storage room that is filled with older ink cartridges or ink toner.  Although you may think it is “outdated ink,” we can ensure you that someone, somewhere is actively looking for that exact type of ink for a certain model machine that they use.  It’s the old adage, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  Plus, you earn money for something that you no longer need, and you are able to free up some much needed space.

3)      A way to be green.  Rather than waste resources, and throw out something that is still useable, you can recycle your ink for money, and put in the hands of someone who will values it, and more importantly, will use it rather than letting it waste away.

4)      It’s straightforward.  Working with a business like makes selling surplus ink as straightforward as possible.  The negotiation process is simple, and sellers know they are talking with the decision maker.  It’s a simple process, rather than paying fees and hoping it the right person finds it and buys it on other auction-type sites.  Instead, it’s one transaction that leaves three parties happy: seller, buyer and the person who can purchase the hard to find ink the have been searching for.


As giant corporations and conglomerates have re-defined consumerism over the last 50-100 years, one of the things that has seemed to be lost in the shuffle are transactions based on negotiations.  Bartering and negotiating between parties has subsided in modern times, as more often than not, there is a set price for a product or service, and the only choice consumers have is deciding whether or not they want to pay that specific price.  This is especially true for big businesses, as the overwhelming majority want their prices to be the same at each of their locations.


There are a myriad of benefits that stem from a negotiation system, for both seller and buyer.  For starters, when negotiating with a business, buyers can feel confident knowing that they are talking with a decision maker.  Even if you are unable to reach a resolution on a particular product, a decision maker could either find the right price for both parties involved, or steer you in the right direction for an alternative product that better suits your specific needs.  It eliminates excess parties, and accelerates the transaction, or lets the buyer and seller that there will not be a deal reached today.  Moreover, buyers can benefit from knowing they have a say in the final price, and know that the decision maker heard their voice. proudly uses a negotiation system.  We look forward to bargaining back and forth with our customers, as we try to find middle ground.  Our number one priority is to make a sensible deal for both parties, and provide an opportunity for businesses and consumers to sell their excess ink cartridges and ink toner, rather than let them waste away in storage.


According to a press release from SB Wire, Xerox is urging federal authorities and trade commissions to act on the influx of imitation print toner that is being imported to the United States from a company in South Korea.  The ink stick is being created in violation of Xerox’s patents and Xerox feels that is in violation of an International Trade Commission Order.  Xerox is asking Customs and Border Patrol agents to stop shipments into the United States from the alleged perpetrator, Hana Corporation.



We recommend you stay skeptical when it comes to buying ink from a non-reputable company.  As the press release points out, the counterfeit ink is not nearly as dependable and efficient as ink from a reputable brand, namely Xerox.   What’s more, the infusion of counterfeit ink into the United States could affect numerous American jobs within the company, which is of course, something that no one wants.


Contrary to popular belief, offices around the country are still using fax machines at a high rate.  According to a survey done by Nitro, 42 percent of office workers send faxes each day either “most of the time” or “all the time.”  What’s more, less than 4% of respondents replied that they “never” use fax machines.  Simply put, fax machines are still a prevalent office feature of working America.


If your business utilizes fax machines on a habitual basis, but has had difficulties tracking down the right ink for your machine, please contact to see if we have your desired ink in stock.  Or, if your business has decided to move away from the fax machine, you can receive cash from by simply selling the ink that you no longer need.  There are still multitudes of people who use the ink, even if you have a no longer have a need for it.  If you have any questions, please contact us.